As soon as you enter the cockpit, make sure that the ignition switch is OFF and the mixture control is at IDLE CUT-OFF. Perform the following check around the cockpit, working from left to right:

Primary controls

Check surface controls for free movement.

Instruments and switches

Altimeter set.
Directional gyro set.
Flight indicator set.
All instrument readings in desired ranges.
All switches and controls at desired positions.

Fuel system

Check fuel tank selector handle on MAIN TANK L.H. Ensure selector is in detent.
Fuel booster pump switch set to ON.
Primer switch set to OFF.


Flaps set for takeoff (UP for normal takeoff, 15 - 20° down for minimum run takeoff).


Rudder trim
6° right.
Aileron trim
Elevator trim
0° if fuselage tank is filled with less than 25 gallons of fuel; 2 - 4° nose heavy if the fuselage tank is filled with more than 25 gallons of fuel.

Pre-flight engine check

Check propeller at full INCREASE.
Power check – advance throttle to obtain 2300 RPM. At this RPM, the manifold pressure should read ½ in.Hg less than field barometric pressure within +/- ½ in.Hg.

Manifold pressure in excess of field barometric pressure indicates the engine is not producing maximum power and should be checked.


Ignition system check

At 2300 RPM, with the propeller in full INCREASE, move ignition switch from BOTH to L, back to BOTH, then to R, and back to BOTH. Allow engine speed to stabilize at BOTH between checks. A maximum drop of 100 RPM is allowable for the right magneto and 130 RPM drop for the left magneto. If RPM drop is more than allowable, spark plugs will have to be deleaded.

Idle speed check – idle engine at 650 to 700 RPM with throttle against idle stop.


Acceleration and deceleration check - with mixture set to RUN, advance throttle from idle to 2300 RPM. Engine should accelerate and decelerate smoothly with no tendency to backfire.


Carburetor ram-air control lever set to RAM AIR (UNRAMMED FILTERED AIR or HOT AIR only if required).


Mixture control set to RUN.


Supercharger control switch set to AUTO.


Oil and coolant radiator air control switches set to AUTOMATIC.


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