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Take Off

NOTE: A combat takeoff or scramble had to be done very quickly since the MiG-21bis was used as an interceptor. The whole start-up procedure and takeoff had to be performed in ONE MINUTE or less. With a bit of practice, you can do it too.

1. Set nosewheel brake OFF (vertical) to line up on the runway by using brakes and rudder. Once in position, click on landing gear mechanical lock, set flaps to TAKEOFF position (25 deg). Straighten the plane nosewheel and set nosewheel brake ON (horizontal).

2. Hold brakes and throttle up to full afterburner (100 %). Release brakes and rotate (nose up 10 deg on UUA) at 250-300 km/h IAS.

3. Raise landing gear (note: the lever has 3 positions: DOWN/NEUTRAL/UP). Initial climb at 360-380 km/h IAS. Once gear is raised, set to neutral position.

4. At 100 m above ground level, set flaps in UP position and keep a 15 deg climb (use UUA as reference).

5. Keep a minimum altitude of 600 m above ground (check radar altimeter) and maintain a minimum speed of 600 km/h IAS. Throttle back to set afterburner OFF.

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