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1. PO-750 Inverters # 1 & 2 and Battery Heat ON (UP)

2. Battery, DC Generator ON, AC Generator Ground Power ON, Fuel Pump Switch # 1, 2 & 3 ON (FWD)

3. Turn on radio and set frequency to airfield tower freq (Check briefing or mission editor to find which channel to use).

4. Call ground crew for External Power
a) Press “\” (intercomm switch) and “F8” to select ground crew
b) Select “Ground Electric Power” by pressing “F2”
c) Select “ON” by pressing “F1” to turn on ground power

5. Fire Extinguisher & APU ON (UP)

6. Click on Engine Lock lever (on throttle)

7. Move throttle to MIN position

8. Click and hold engine starter switch for 4 seconds.

9. Move throttle to IDLE (half an inch forward) and wait for RPM to reach a minimum of 35 %. Process may take up to 45 seconds.

10. GYRO switch for instrument sets # 1 & # 2 ON (FWD).

11. If flares and chaff ASO pod is mounted (and it should be since it is the standard equipment for any combat mission), set JATO (SPRD) Start & Jettison system switches “ON” (FWD)

12. Optional - Flight recorder switch “ON” (UP)

13. ARK Radio Compass, Radio Altimeter, RSBN (Navigation System), GIRO (KPP = ADI = Attitude Indicator), FDS (NPP = HSI = Horizontal Situation Indicator), AP (SAU = Auto-pilot), AP Pitch (Auto-pilot pitch) ON (UP)

14. Trim System, Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump and Nosecone switch ON (FWD)

15. Flaps on TAKEOFF position

16. Hold FDS Adjust (NPP = HSI) switch until HSI stops moving (magnetic compass is aligned).

17. Close canopy by clicking on canopy switch

18. Lock and seal cockpit (2 levers)

19. Pitot Heat ON (UP)

20. IR-SARH Missiles Heat ON (UP) - use if IR or Radar-guided missiles are equipped

21. Pylon 1-2 Power, Pylon 3-4 Power, ASP Gunsight Power, SRZO IFF ON (UP)

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