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SPRD Rocket-Assisted Take Off (RATO)

1. Equip SPRD-99 rockets on pylon 6 (this is usually where you have your ASO-2 pod for your chaff and flares) and do the same start-up procedure we did previously.

2. When you are lined up on the runway, make sure JATO (SPRD) START & JETTISON switches are set to ON (FWD)

3. Throttle up to full power (with full afterburners).

4. When you reach 120-150 km/h, the rockets will ignite automatically and give you a significant thrust increase during 7 seconds.

5. When you are up, you can jettison the rockets by flipping up the red countermeasure switch cover and hold the countermeasure switch during 1 second.

6. Raise landing gear and flaps as seen previously in normal takeoff procedure.

7. You may now buy a pair of newunderwear.

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