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S-16/S-32 Rocket Pods

1) Turn ON (UP) weapon system switches (in black) on armament panel.

2) Set Air/Ground Mode switch to GROUND.

3) Select desired rocket salvo quantity (example: we choose “8” on the inner scale, which means that each time we press the weapons release button we sent a volley of 8 rockets coming from ALL pods).

4) Turn ON ASP gunsight pipper and fixed net.

5) Set ASP gunsight to LNC (Missile & Rocket = DOWN), S (shooting mode = UP), AUT (automatic = UP) and GYRO (ASP GYRO mode = DOWN).

6) Set target wingspan (size) to 10 m.

7) Cut throttle (IDLE) and enter a 30 deg dive from 3,000 m minimum.

8) Put pipper on target and monitor bottom range band: fire from 1,700 m by holding the WEAPONS RELEASE button. You will have a visual cue when the LAUNCH ALLOWED light is lit up.

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