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NOTE: Landing in the MiG-21bis is NOT like landing a regular plane. The delta wing configuration means the aircraft can be very fast, but generates less lift at low speeds. Rather than come in slow and glide to the ground, you have to come in very fast (400 km/h!!!) and shallow and “gently” touch the ground. Coming in slow and steep is a recipe for disaster.

1. Flip safety cover for drag chute jettison switch UP.

2. Deploy landing gear at 1000 m AGL at 500 km/h IAS. Initial descent @ 7 m/s (check variometer). Remember that landing gear has 3 positions: UP/NEUTRAL/DOWN.

3. At 300 m AGL and 380 km/h AGL, deploy flaps in LANDING position (45 deg).

4. Maintain speed between 380 and 340 km/h IAS. Adjust throttle to remain faster than 340 km/h. Maintain 5 deg AoA (Angle of Attack) on the UUA. NOTE: Do NOT use airbrakes.

5. Reach runway at 350 km/h IAS at a vertical speed of 2 m/s (check variometer).

6. Touchdown at 330 km/h or less, set throttle to idle once wheels have touched the ground, deploy drag chute and start tapping your brakes.

7. When you are slow enough, jettison drag chute and set nosewheel brake OFF (vertical) to taxi down the runway.

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