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KH-66 Grom Missile

1) Turn ON (UP) weapon system switches (in black) on armament panel.

2) Warm up radar (5 minutes, do that on the ground) by using the radar mode switch to STANDBY (middle position). Then, set radar mode to ON (UP position), LOW ALT switch to middle position and LOCKED BEAM switch ON (UP).

3) Set Air/Ground Mode switch to GROUND.

4) Select appropriate missile pylons (example: KH-66 missiles on inner left and right pylons, select S-24 RKT pylons 1-2). NOTE: Select SR-24 RKT pylons for KH-66 GROM, not the IR-SAR pylons.

5) Turn ON ASP gunsight pipper and fixed net.

6) Set ASP gunsight to LNC (launch = DOWN), S (shooting mode = UP), AUT (automatic = UP) and GYRO (ASP GYRO mode = DOWN).

7) Set target wingspan (size) to 40m (for ships).

8) A) Point pipper on target and lock target with the RADAR LOCK button. Reticle will remain fixed on target. Weapons Release when ready.
B) Alternative: Point pipper on target but don’t use the RADAR LOCK button. Weapons Release and move your nose so the pipper remains on target. Missile will follow your pipper: make sure you track your target. Useful for slow moving targets (or bombers!).

9) Once GROM is launched, your aircraft will start rolling (the KH-66 is an anti-ship missile: it’s very heavy). GROM missiles are inaccurate, but sure pack a punch.

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