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IR Missiles

Applicable to R-3S, R-13, R-55 and R-60 missiles

1) Turn ON (UP) weapon system switches (in black) on armament panel.

2) Warm up radar (5 minutes, do that on the ground) by using the radar mode switch to STANDBY (middle position). Then, set radar mode to ON (UP position) and LOW ALT switch to middle position.

3) Set Air/Ground Mode switch to AIR and Missile Mode switch to IR (UP).

4) Select appropriate missile pylon (example: R-60M IR missile on outer left pylon, select pylon 3). NOTE: 1-2 and 3-4 fire 2 missiles in quick succession.

5) Turn ON ASP gunsight pipper and fixed net.

6) Set ASP gunsight to LNC (launch = DOWN), S (shooting mode = UP), AUT (automatic = UP) and CC (ASP MISSILE Mode).

7) Find target on radar (see radar tutorial of in previous section), slew your TDC on it and lock it with the RADAR LOCK button on your stick to get its position.
NOTE: You do not aim with your radar.

8) Target range should be updated on both your ASP gunsight (see next page for details) and radar “CHASE” mode screen.

9) Line up pipper on target until it automatically tracks the target. You should hear a lock tone and see a green light based on IR missile type.

10) Launch missile holding “WEAPONS RELEASE” button when you are in lethal missile range.

11) You do not need to maintain radar lock: the missile will track the target on its own. Fire and forget!

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