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Stabilizer Control Check

Flight Control And Hydraulic Systems Check

1) Ensure the Stabilizer Switch is in the Hydraulic Control Mode. Check the Stabilizers by moving the Control Stick forwards and backwards to the extreme positions. There should be no jamming, rubbing or knocks when moving the Control Stick moves. The Main Hydraulic System Pressure Gauge may oscillate a small amount during testing.

2) Turn On the Stabilizer Electric Control Mode and check that the stick moves smoothly. The Stabilizer should move at the speed of 4o/second in this Backup Mode.

3) Operate the Stabilizer Hydraulic Mode and check that it works correctly.

4) ARU-2V check

WARNING To check the ARU-2V there must be pressure in the hydraulic system, or the MUS-2 stabilizer electric control must be activated. Trying to test the ARU system without any of these conditions will result in serious damage of itself.

Put the ARU Auto/Manual Mode Selector Switch in the Manual position.

Move the Control Stick to the extreme rearward position.

Using the “Long Lever Arm” and “Short Lever Arm” Switch, increase and decrease the ARU-2V arm to the maximum and minimum values. Confirm this by looking at the ARU Arm Control Indicator, located on the Main Instrument Panel. The Needle on the Indicator should move to the Max. and Min. limits on the Indicator.

Check the change in the Stabilizer Deflection Angle visually.

Release the Control Stick and put the ARU Auto/Manual Mode Selector Switch back to the AUTO position.

The ARU gauge should move to the longest arm setting and the “ARU System in Take-Off and Landing Position” Lamp should illuminate.

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