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Failure of the Stabilizers Hydraulic Booster

The failure will be indicated by the one or all the following symptoms; the inability to move the stick in the pitch axis, the “Low Hydraulic Pressure” (ПАДЕНИЕ ДАВЛЕНИЯ В ГИДРОСИСТЕМЕ) warning lamp or an un-commanded pitch without operation of the control stick in the pitch axis.

1. If either the Main or Booster Hydraulic System fails or the BU14M Hydraulic Booster fails in flight, switch to the backup MUS-2 Electric Stabilizer Control using the switch in the Left Side Panel.

2. While operating with the backup Electric Stabilizer Control System bear in mind that the Stabilizer Control is not as responsive as the Hydraulic Stabilizer Control System. Continuation of the Mission under these conditions is Forbidden, return immediately to the airbase. You should attempt to maintain an IAS of 700 kph or below and perform wide turns making sure to avoid high bank angles.

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