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Preparation for Landing

The MiG-19P can Land with a Remaining Fuel load of 1,500 liters or less. In case of an Emergency, an Aircraft with External Fuel Drop Tanks can land with less than 2,500 liters of Fuel. If the Fuel Quantity is above 2,500 liters, Jettison the External Fuel Drop Tanks. The Approach Speed must be 15 Km/h greater.

1) Check that the Switches “O-57K”; “Left” and “Right” Cannons; “GCAM” and “GCAM Ext.” on the RH Side Panel are selected Off.

2) Turn Off the Radar by putting the Radar Mode Control Switch on the Radar Control Panel to “Off”.

3) The Gun Trigger must be in the Safe Position.

4) Check the Main Hydraulic System Pressure.

5) The “Anti-Skid” Switch should be switched On.

6) Decrease the speed to 500 km/h. Use the Airbrakes if necessary.

7) Enter the Landing Circuit of the airfield at an altitude of 500 meters.

8) The Landing Gear should be lowered in the Downwind Leg before the third turn at a maximum speed of 500 km/h.

9) Landing Gear Extension is checked by the three Green Position lights on the PPS-1 panel. Keep the Gear Lever in its Down Position. The Red “Retract Gear” Lamp on the PPS-1 must be Off after the Landing Gear is Extended.

10) Before the final turn, put the Flaps in the “Take-Off” Position and then into the “Landing” position. Check this by verifying the illumination of the “Flaps Deployed” lamp on the PPS-1 panel. When the Flaps are deployed, the Aircraft becomes a little tail heavy. This is easily corrected by pushing the stick forward.
WARNING If after Flap Deployment there is a sudden induced Roll, Retract the Flaps immediately.

11) Approach the Base Leg after Flaps Deployment at a speed of 400 km/h.

12) Check that the ARU-2V “ARU System In Take-Off And Landing Position” Lamp is illuminated and that the Indicator Pointer is in the leftmost position, indicating a “Long Lever Arm” Position of the System.
NOTE The Lamp may not illuminate at speeds above 420 km/h.

13) The final turn must be performed at a speed above 380 km/h. The recovery from this turn should be completed at an altitude of 250 meters.

14) After the final turn, decrease the speed to 300-310 km/h.

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