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Prepare for Engine Start

1) Contact the ground crew to connect the External Ground Power.

2) On the RH Side Panel, Turn On the “Battery” switch. Check the Voltmeter, on the Main Instrument Panel, is reading 28 V (if the Aircraft Batteries are the only power source, it will indicate 24 V). The Warning Lamps “Oil” for both the LH and RH Engines, “Right Generator” and “Left Generator”, “Low Hydraulic Pressure”, located on the Main Instrument Panel and Lamps “Fuel Tank 2” and “Fuel Tanks 3, 4”, located on the RH Side Panel should be illuminated.

3) Check the Landing Gear, Flaps and Airbrake PPS-1 Position Indication Panel and confirm that the three Green Landing Gear Down lights are illuminated.

4) Press the “Lamp Control Test” button on the PPS-1 Panel and confirm that all the PPS-1 Panel lights are illuminated whilst button is pressed.

5) Press the LH Side panel “Lamp Control Test” Buttons. The Green Lamps for Fuel Tanks 2, 3, 4 and the Red “Fire” Lamp should illuminate.

6) On the Main Instrument Panel, check that the Fuel Quantity Indicator is showing the correct quantity for the Aircraft Fuel Status. The Indicator must be at 1,400 Liters and none of the Green Fuel Tank Lamps should be ON. The Red Warning Lamps “Tank 1” and “Rest 550” on the Warning Panel should be not be illuminated.

7) Carry out a Systems Check of the Engine Relight System used for restarting the Engines in-flight.
Operate the “Air Re-Light” Start Switches for 2-3 seconds.
The Red Air Re-Light System Lamps, on the Main Instrument Panel, should illuminate and the sound of the Engine Ignition System should be heard.
NOTE Make sure to turn Off both “Air Re-Light” Start Switches afterwards and close their protective caps.

8) Turn On the “Emerg. ARK Radio” and “Emerg. Radio” Switches, located on the RH Side Panel.

9) Turn On the “Radio Power” Switch. Press the Control Tower Frequency selector button and request permission for Engine Start.

10) Turn On the “Beacon R-Alt.” Switch, located on the RH Side Panel. Select the desired Radio Altimeter Minimum Height setting with the selector knob on the LH Side Vertical Panel.

11) Turn On the “MUS-2 System Stab.”, “Aileron Trim/Pitch Trim” and “GIK AGI” switches, located on the RH Side Panel.

12) Operate the “AGI-1” Artificial Horizon “Caging” Knob and press the “GIK-1” Compass Alignment Button on the Main Instrument Panel for 3 seconds if ambient temperature is above 30 oC, or for 5 seconds if it is below 30 oC.
After 2-3 minutes both Instruments will show the correct aircraft heading and attitude.
NOTE If the Engines are to be started using the Aircraft Battery, do not connect any electrical consumers apart from Fuel Tank No. 1 Pump and Generators until both Engines are at Idle RPM.
The Battery allows for 3 consecutive Engine starts.

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