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Pitot Tube Failure

Failure of the Main, Starboard Wing mounted, PVD Air Data Probe is indicated by erratic operation of the Air Data Instruments; Airspeed Indicator, Machmeter and Altimeter and also by the ARU2V gauge showing incorrect position for the current Airspeed and Altitude.

1. In cold weather it is important to check that the both the Main PVD Pitot Probe (ПВД ЧАСЫ) and TP-156 Emergency Pitot Probe (АВАР. ТП-156) Heating Switches on the RH Side Panel are switched on prior to departure. If you detect erratic readings in the Air Data Instruments, check that the two Probe Heating switches are turned On.

2. In case the main PVD Pitot fails, switch over to the Standby TP156 by switching the lever in the LH Side Panel to the TP-156 position and reduce IAS to 700 kph or lower.

3. The Standby TP-156 is only allowed to allow for the Aircraft to return and land safely.

4. On Approach, switch the ARU-2V control to Manual (АРУ-2В – РУЧНОЕ) and move the lever arm length to long lever arm (БОЛЬШ ПЛЕЧО) setting.

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