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The MiG-19P can Land with a Remaining Fuel load of 1,500 liters or less. In case of an Emergency, an Aircraft with External Fuel Drop Tanks can land with less than 2,500 liters of Fuel. If the Fuel Quantity is above 2,500 liters, Jettison the External Fuel Drop Tanks. The Approach Speed must be 15 Km/h greater.

1) On final approach, the aircraft loses its speed rather slowly and has a shallow Approach Angle. The Aircraft Nose at that Angle nearly intersects the Horizon.

2) At an altitude of 20-30 meters till Touchdown, look down to the ground, forward left at an angle of 15-20o, checking the Altimeter and Variometer periodically.

3) At an Altitude of 7-8 meters, pull the Control Stick slightly back and stop the descent around an Altitude of 1 meter. After this, close the Throttles to IDLE and proceed with levelling-off.

4) While floating, apply the necessary back stick as to touch the runway with two wheels (the Control Stick is pulled completely back normally).

5) Normal landing speed with Flaps Extended is around 235 km/h. If the Control Stick is not pulled back enough, the Landing Speed will be greater. Use of the Airbrakes during Landing does not generate any negative effect.

6) Once the Nose Wheel is in contact with the ground, retract the Flaps and release the Drag Chute by pressing the “Brake Parachute” button on the upper LH Panel.
WARNING The Drag Chute must be deployed below a speed of 290 km/h.

7) To avoid overheating of the brakes, start to brake when the speed decreases to 200 km/h.
If the pilot needs to stop the aircraft quick in case of an Emergency or short runway, the brakes could be pressed as soon as the Aircraft touches the ground. In this condition, braking is rather effective, but will require a Wheel/Tire Inspection by the Ground Crew after Landing.

8) Landing Distance with all three Wheel Brakes is about 890 meters.

9) Landing distance with all three Wheel Brakes and the Drag Chute is 610 meters.

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