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Use of Radar Mode when RP-5 set Mode 1

When flying below 2,500-2,000 meters, the Ground Reflections received by the Radar are too strong and cover the entire Radar Screen. Because of this, the Radar cannot be used to Search or to provide an accurate aiming prediction. For the RP-5 a special mode was introduced to deal with this situation and aid in the aiming process in Altitudes as low as 900-1,000 meters. This is done by turning off the AR-18-1 Search Antenna and reducing the AR-18-16 Antenna Tracking Range to 1,200 meters. To use this mode, you need to do the following:

1. Put the RP-5 Altitude Mode Switch in the 1 Position.

2. This turns off the AR-18-1 Search Antenna of the Radar and any Target within 1,200 meters of the Aircraft will be Locked. The Radar will then work identically to a Radio Range-Finder, like the one installed in the MiG-19S.

3. The process to attack is identical - as the Distance is being introduced automatically into the Gunsight, you only need to place the Reticle Center Dot over the Target and fire.

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