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ASP-5N Gunsight in Radar Mode

Working in a similar fashion as the Optic mode, in Radar mode, the Distance to Target is introduced automatically by the RP-5 Radar. In this mode, the manual distance introduction by means of the rotating Throttle Handle is overridden and the target distance indicator shows that provided by the radar.

1. Put the gunsight switch in the Radar Position.

2. Uncage the Sight Gyros.

3. When the Contact locked by the Radar closes to 2,000 meters, the Lock Lamp on the ASP-5N sight will illuminate, indicating that the Target has entered the Sight Operational Range and the Radar has started to provide Distance Data. Distance to Target is also presented on the Sight Distance Indicator.

4. Maneuver the aircraft to position the Reticle Center Dot over the Target and Fire.

5. If you hold you Fire to get close on the Target Aircraft, keep in mind that, like the Radar, the Sight also displays a Proximity Alert, represented by the Red Break Lamp. As the distance to the Aircraft approaches 300 meters, the Break Lamp will illuminate.

NOTE - If the closing rate is too great, the Lamp will illuminate earlier.

6. The Lamp will illuminate for around 3 seconds, then the Aiming Solution and Radar Lock will be dropped, and the Sight will automatically switch to Optical Mode.
This does not mean that the Cannons will be disabled as well. If the Pilot decides so, the Target can still be Engaged using the standard Optical method.

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