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Engine(s) In-Flight Shutdown

Ensure the following conditions are met before attempting an inflight engine relight:

  • Altitude 9,000 m or lower
  • Min IAS of 400 km/h.
  • Engine RPM 1,600RPM or more.

NOTE: The lower the Altitude and the greater the speed the IAS then the greater reliability of the Engine re-start will be successful.

1. Put the Throttle of the shutdown Engine in the IDLE (МАЛЫЙ ГАЗ) position.

2. On the LH Side Panel, open the cover of the Engine Air Re-Light Start (ЗАЖИГАНИЕ В ВОЗДУХЕ) switch for the Engine you want to Re-Light and operate the Switch.

3. The respective “Engine Air Re-Light Start System” (ЗАПУСК В ВОЗДУХЕ ВКЛ) Lamp for the respective engine will illuminate on the front panel and the starting sound should be heard continuously.

4. Within 20-25 seconds, the engine should reach IDLE of 4,100 +200 RPM.

5. When the Engine has stabilized at the IDLE RPM, turn off the respective Engine Air Re-Light Start (ЗАПУСК В ВОЗДУХЕ ВКЛ) Switch.

6. After a successful In-Flight relight ensure that you wait 30 seconds after the engine has stabilized at IDLE RPM before moving the Throttle to the desired Thrust Position. Making sure to avoid Afterburner and Military Power settings until 1 min after reaching IDLE RPM.

7. If the Engine Air Re-Light Start procedure fails, ensure that you wait at least 40 seconds before reattempting the start procedure.

8. If both Engines shutdown whilst under 2,000 m try to start them one after the other if they are at the normal speed of autorotation of 1,600RPM. If they fail to re-light, choose a good location and eject. If the both Engine are less than 1,600RPM, eject or try an emergency landing immediately.

9. Flight with one Engine can be easily counteracted using the Rudder. If the remaining Engine will not re-start where possible cancel the mission and return to the Airbase.

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