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Engine Fire

The presence of Fire in one or both Engines will be indicated by the illumination of the “Fire” (ПОЖАР) Warning Lamp, located on the LH Side Panel. You may also observe a smoke trail that can be seen during turns or reported by your Wingman.

1. Immediately move the Throttle(s) of the affected Engine(s) to the STOP (СТОП)position and close the Fuel Shut-Off Valve(s) (ПЕРЕКРЫВНОЙ КРАН) by using the respective Switch in the same LH Side panel.

2. Turn OFF all Fuel Tanks Pumps 2,3 and 4 (НАСОС 2., 3. & 4. ГО БАКА). Fuel tank pump 1 (НАСОС 1. ГО БАКА) should remain on unless both Engines are on Fire.

3. If the Fire is not extinguished with these measures, decrease IAS 400 kph or lower and operate the “Fire Extinguisher” (ОГНЕТУШИТЕЛЬ) Button. The Engines can´t be re-started after this. If the Fire remains after this then eject.

4. If the fire warning ceases and it’s confirmed the fire is extinguished, then immediately return to the airbase where possible.
NOTE- If there is smoke in the cockpit, jettison the canopy (АВАР. СБРОС ФОНАРЯ) while flying below 2,000 meters and at speed below 450 kph.

5. On landing approach, deploy both the Landing Gear and Flaps (АВАР. ШАССИ И АВАР. ЗАКР) using the emergency procedures and jettison the Canopy (АВАР. СБРОС ФОНАРЯ). If you plan to land without the Landing Gear, ensure that you jettison all external stores (АВАР. СБРОС ПОДВЕСОК).

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