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Emergency Landing Gear & Flaps Deploy

If both the Main and Booster Hydraulic Systems fail during flight, it will be not be possible to lower the flaps or the Landing Gear. For this situation, an Emergency Pneumatic System is used.

1. To lower the Landing Gear, put the Landing Gear Handle (ШАССИ) in the Down (ВЫПУЩЕНО) position.

2. Pull the Landing Gear Emergency Deployment Handle, Red Handle to release the Hydraulic Uplocks mechanically by a cable and pulley system, the Handle is located next the pilot right leg near the RH Side Panel.

3. Fully rotate the Landing Gears Emergency Deployment Valve (АВАР. ШАССИ) on the RH Side Panel. Check that all three Landing Gear Down and Locked Green lights are illuminated on the PPS-1 Landing Gear, Flaps and Airbrake Position Indicator panel.

4. After the Landing Gear is fully deployed, fully rotate the Flaps Emergency Deployment Valve (АВАР. ЗАКР), this will deploy the Flaps to the Landing Position. Check the “Flaps Deployed” (ЗАКРЫЛКИ ВЫПУЩЕНЫ) lamp on the PPS-1 Landing Gear, Flaps and Airbrake Position Indicator Panel is illuminated.

WARNING- After both the Landing Gear and Flaps Emergency Deployment Systems have been operated, the aircraft Hydraulic and Emergency Pneumatic Deployment Systems will require repair/service before being to use these systems again in order to prevent Hydraulic System Overpressure and supply pipe ruptures.

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