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Cockpit Pressurisation

1) At Altitudes above 2,000 meters, the UVPD-15 Cockpit Altitude & Differential Pressure Dual Instrument must show a Cockpit Differential Pressure of about 0.28-0.32 kg/cm2. As the Altitude increases above 8,000 meters, the cockpit pressure should be no less than 0.24 kg/cm2.
Cockpit Altitude must be the same as the Altimeter up to 4,000 meters, when it should increase at half the speed of the Altimeter reaching a maximum value of 12,000 meters at the Aircraft Service Ceiling.

2) If the Canopy freezes while descending from High Altitudes, check the following
Check that the Cockpit Air Supply Lever is Open.
Check that the Canopy is Pressurized.
Select the Cockpit Temperature Switch to “Hot” and increase the Engine RPM.

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