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Cannon for Ground Attack

1. Switch On both Cannon power switches on the RH Side Panel.

2. Press the Cannon Reload Buttons on the Upper LH Side panel for more than 2 seconds per Button.

3. After every press, check that the corresponding Red Lamp, indicating an armed cannon, is illuminated on the lower Main Instrument Panel above the Ammunition Counters.

As the Radar of the MiG-19P cannot be used for Ground Attack, the Optic method can be used for this purpose in the same manner it is used for Air combat. However, the minimum span that can be introduced into the Sight is 7 meters, which may prove insufficient when attacking small targets like Cars or small Armored Units. One solution is to introduce a distance of 1,000 meters into the Sight (or whichever the Pilot decides as Optimal Range) and estimate how much a 5-meter target (for example) would fill the Reticle Outer Circle in the 7-meter setting, then open fire when the Target fills that space.

A fixed sight can also be used, but that requires a lot of training to prefect. For targets larger than 7 meters, the method of operation remains unchanged.

The Cannons are best employed at Dive Angles from 20º to 50º and at distances between 1,500 and 800 meters from the Target. Remember that as the Dive Angle and Speed increases, so does the exit Altitude. When attacking at 20-30º, the recovery maneuver should start before reaching 800 meters, but for 40-50º, the recovery should start at 1,000 meters.

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