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Free-Fall Bombs

The MiG-19P can use Free-Fall Bombs up to 250 kg, which includes FAB100, 150 and 250 High-Explosive General-Purpose Bombs. For this, the ASP-5N Gunsight is loaded with special cartridges with the Ballistic Data of the Bombs that are going to be used. Perform the following steps to get the bombs ready for use:

1. Put the ASP-5N Armament Mode Switch in Bombs and select the Release Setting (Auto-Manual).

2. Check that the two Green Lamps that indicate Suspended Loads on the Pylons are illuminated

3. Turn On the “Arm Bombs Fuse” Switch. The Red “Exp” (explosion) Lamp should illuminate.

4. Select a dive angle from the Sight Angle Selector. The Angles are limited to values between 20 to 50 degrees. Best Angles for Bombing are from 30 to 50 degrees (the Reticle will move down out of the view in Level Flight).

5. The same as Cannon or Rockets use, select a Target Span (if between 7-70 meters) and desired Distance for Bombing (depending on the target, the best bombing distance is from 1,500 to 2,000 meters).

6. Dive and put the Reticle Dot in the center of the Target, eliminate all yaw. The best dive speed is between 600 and 800 km/h. Use airbrakes if necessary.

7. When the Target edges touch the Sight´s Ring, release the Bombs and perform a 4-G pullout.
Both the Green Lamps for “Suspended Loads” should extinguish.

WARNING: When using 250 kg bombs, be sure to pull out of the dive before reaching an altitude of 700 meters, otherwise the Aircraft may be damaged by the explosion.

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