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Unguided Rockets for Air Combat

The ARS-57M Unguided Rockets can be used to attack Large Aircraft, like bombers, where they could be more effective than Cannons. The method of employment is the same as the Cannon, while using the Optical method or the Radar one. When the ASP-5N Armament Mode is changed to Rocket Pods, the Ballistic Data entered for calculations will be that of the ARS-57M Rockets. The Sight will display the correct impact point.

1. Turn On the O-57K (P.C) Switch on the RH Side Panel.

2. On the ASP-5N Control Panel, put the Armament Mode Selector in Rocket Pods (P.C).

3. On the ORO-57K Control Panel, check that the Green light above the “0” is illuminated, indicating the suspension of both Rocket Pods, and that the correct remaining quantity of Rockets per Pod (8) is indicated by Yellow lights.

4. Select the desired Salvo setting with the Salvo Switch above the ORO-57K Control Panel.
AUTO- All Rockets will be fired in succession if the Trigger remains pressed.
1RO- A single Rocket will be launched for every Trigger press.
4RO- Four Rockets will be fired on every press of the Trigger

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