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R-3S Air-to-Air

1. Ensure the Rocket Armament Power Switch, labeled “O-57K” (Р.С) is switched On.

2. On the ASP-5N control panel, select “Guided Missiles” (УР) After this, the tracking Audio of the R-3S Seeker Head is heard on in the Helmet Earphones.

3. You can select Missile Salvo by using the three-position Salvo switch above the ORO-57K Control Panel. AUTO - Both Missiles will be fired in an interval of 1.2 seconds.
1RO - A single Missile will be fired with every press of the Trigger.
4RO - Not operational when employing R-3S.

4. Approach the Target from behind and position it in the center of the ASP-5N reticle.

5. When the Distance to the Target decreases to Missile Tracking Range, the Tracking Tone increases in Volume and Pitch, indicating a correct Seeker Lock.

6. Fire the Missile. You can also use the Radar for exact measure of Missile Employment ranges.

NOTE The R-3S missile can only be fired at in a Maneuver of 2 Gs or less.

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