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1. АККУМ / Battery/Accumulator Switch OFF (AFT)

2. ГЕНЕР / Generator Switch ON (FWD)

3. Select your ground crew by pressing “\” AND F8.

4. Select “GROUND ELECTRIC POWER” by pressing F2

5. Select “ON” by pressing F1 to turn on ground power

6. Turn ON (FWD) all switches on the right circuit breaker panel except the Battery/Accumulator (АККУМ) Switch

7. Turn ON (FWD) the Fuel Boost Pump Switch, the Ignition Switch, the Fuel Transfer Pump Switch and the Instruments/LightsSwitch.

8. Set Throttle to IDLE (Fully Aft)

9. Lift the Starter safetycover (Left Click)

10. Hold the Starter Switch for 1-2 seconds to engage the Engine Starter

11. Open Fuel Shutoff Valve to 50 % (HOME key binding) when engine reaches 600 RPM. When engine reaches 900-1200 RPM, fully open the valve by either scrolling the mousewheel or holding RSHIFT+HOME. During this whole process, the Fuel Shutoff Valve should open up by setting the lever from UP to DOWN.

12. Wait until IDLE engine RPM stabilizes around 2400-2600 RPM and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) is no greater than 650 deg C.

13. Make sure Hydro-Booster Leveris ON (FWD)

14. Increase Engine Power to 5000 RPM.

15. Make sure the “GENERATOR OFF” (ГЕНЕРАТОР ВЫКЛЮЧЕН) Warning Light extinguishes once engine reaches 4500 RPM or higher.

16. Turn OFF ground electrical power as shown in steps 3 to 5

17. АККУМ / Battery/Accumulator Switch ON (FWD)

18. Close Canopy (LCTRL + C by default). If cockpit pressurization is ON, a locking mechanism will prevent the canopy from closing.

19. Pressurize the Cockpit using the Pressurization Control Valve (Index must be set to Blue, Yellow or Red)

20. Turn Oxygen ON by rotating the valve Counter-Clockwise

21. Unlock your landing gear lever

22. Arm your 23 mm and 37 mm Cannons by holding 3-4 seconds the reload switches, which control the explosive pyrotechnical charges.

23. Confirm that your “GUNS ARMED” Lights are illuminated.

24. Turn on your Pitot & Clock Heater Switch (UP)

25. You may now start taxiing. Use your wheel brake lever and rudder pedals to steer the aircraft.

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