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1) Make sure the Gunsight Power switch and Gun Power switch are turned ON (FWD). The Gun Camera Power switch is optional.

2) Make sure your guns are loaded by checking the RELOAD Lights (should be done on the ground prior to takeoff). The Lights should be illuminated in red. The guns are armed by pressing the Gun Reload buttons for 3-4 seconds.

3) Set Gun Safety OFF. (“LCTRL + SPACE” by default)

4) Set Target Range and wingspan as required (11 m for Sabre) on gunsight using the twist grip on the throttle (4a) for the target range and the Target Wingspan Setting Control (4b) for the target’s wingspan. These controls are mentioned in the previous page.

5) Set gunsight to Gyro Mode (set Caging Lever UP) when you have the target in sight. Otherwise, keep gunsight Mode set to Fixed Mode (DOWN).

6) Fire when ready by pressing the forward trigger for the 23MM guns and Rear trigger for 37MM Gun.

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