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DISS-15 Doppler System - Navigation

In the following example we will want to navigate for 20km following a heading of 330.

1. Select Co-Pilot by pressing “2”.

2. Turn ON (UP) Doppler & 5.5V Lights systems.

3. Set DopplerSystem mode to OPERATE (РАБОТА) and front panel brightness as required.
• Note: Look behindyou to locate Doppler panel.

4. Set your Doppler ground speed & drift indicator to “C” (LAND) or “M” (SEA) depending on where you will fly over.

5. Set your Doppler ground speed & drift indicator to “P” (OPERATE).

6. Set your LATERAL DRIFT (km) to 0 using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons.

7. Set your DISTANCE (km) to either 0 (if you want to have a counter of the distance you travelled so far) or to the distance you want to travel using the “H” (AFT) button (if you want to have a counter that tells you how close you are to your waypoint).

8. Set your HEADING ANGLE (degrees) to 330 deg & 0 minute.

9. Set DopplerSystem to ON to tell the system to take your currentlocation as your reference point.

10. Set your HSI (Horizontal Attitude Indicator) course setter to 330.

11. Fly to align your white needle with your course setter. You can monitor your drift angle and your speed using the Ground Speed & Drift Angle Indicator.

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