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ARK-UD & R-828 VHF Homing - Search and Rescue

This method is used if you are tracking a ground based unit transmitting on a VHF frequency.

1. Check mission briefingto know which preset channel you need to use.

2. Set ARK-UD mode to NARROW (УП).

3. Set ARK-UD preset channel based on mission briefing (we will use Channel 1 for a VHF frequency for this example).

4. Set ARK-UD frequencyto appropriate band (for this example we will use VHF (УКВ) ):
• VHF (УКВ) – UP POSITION for VHF preset channels (“MW” in English cockpit)
• UHF/AM (ДЦВ) – DOWN POSITION for UHF/AM preset channels (“DW” in English cockpit)

5. Set R-828 radio to “RADIO” (DOWN)

6. Select ARK-UD radio (PK2).

7. Green light on ARK-UD panel will be lit once signal is picked up.

8. Set R-828 radio – ON (FWD)

9. Set R-828 mode to COMPASS (FWD)

10. Select VHF preset frequency (given in mission briefing)

11. Press and hold down ACУ button (AGC in English cockpit) to enable “automatic gain control”. Wait until the green squelch light flickers to confirm signal reception.

12. On your HSI, select ARK-UD VHF (УКВ) mode (switch to the right).

13. Follow the white needle to get to target.

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