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Fire 9-A-624/622 MachineGun Pods

1) Turn ON weapon system breakers

2) Turn ON Master Arm on roof panel

3) Set Payload Management Selector to ГУВ (GUV)

4) Select desired firing mode (burst firing mode ON or OFF) and burst fire length if burst firing mode is selected.

5) A) Select desired GUV gun mode • 800/624 for 12.7 mm guns • 622 for 7.62 mm guns B) If 12.7 mm guns are selected, press reload keys for left and/or right pods (can be set to I, II or III, it doesn’t matter).

6) Select GUV 624/622+800 switch (DOWN)

7) Turn Main Weapons Power ON (UP) 8) Press “Weapon Release” button.

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