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Preflight Cockpit Check Full procedure

Perform the following cockpit checks prior to flight:

Make sure that the braking system is leak-free and operates normally (after depression of the brake handle and attainment of a pressure of 31 to 34 kg/cm2 in the brake line there should be no noise created by outgoing air and, after releasing the brakes, there should be no residual pressure in the brake system) [W]

Set the pressure altimeter pointers to zero and check the barometric pressure display for compliance with the actual aerodrome pressure with an accuracy of ±1.5 mm Hg [LShift] + [B] / [LCtrl] + [B]

energize the helicopter electrical systems

check crew intercommunication over the SPU-7 ICS (in case multicrew game)

check windshield wiper operation

check and set the clock;

check fuel quantity on the fuel gauge and set the fuel gauge selector to "РАСХ" (SVC CELL) [2] (move to the co-pilot's seat), [RCtrl] + [RShift] + [V] for CW turn [RCtrl] + [RShift] + [B] for CCW turn.

release the rotor brake [RCtrl] + [R] (down)

make sure the collective pitch control lever is at the lower stop [Num –] and the throttle control twist grip is turned fully to the left [PgDn], the engines throttle levers are set in the neutral detent [RCTRL] + [HOME / RCTRL] + [END], the control stick is in a position close to neutral and the fuel shutoff levers are in the aft (closed) position [ RCtrl] + [PageUp.. PageDown]

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