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Guns With Radar

1. On PPA, select gun firing mode (PAR = 8 round burst, TOT = continuous fire)

2. Set Master Arm switch to ARME (UP)

3. Arm Cannon Switch (UP)

4. Select CAS (Canon Air-Sol / Air-to-Ground) and ensure it is in Air-to-Air mode by pressing “C (A-A Gun Select)” (as shown) or KL2 for Air-to-Ground by pressing the CAS button on PCA.

5. Turn on Radar Power by setting switch to EMISSION.

6. Select radar “Special Mode” by pressing “Special Modes FWD or AFT” switch on your HOTAS. You can choose between three modes as shown previously (H, V or B).

7. Lock your radar by pressing ENTER once target circle is within radar tracking circle/line. A square will appear on locked target.

8. Fire guns (Weapon Fire key, SPACE by default) when you are within kill range (gun pipper will change when you are 300-600 meters from target) and your center reticle is on target.

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