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Engine Flameout

Air engine restart procedure

1. An engine flameout may occur if you are flying inverted for more than 15 seconds (engine will be starved of fuel because of gravity) or suffer an engine malfunction. You will notice a sudden loss in RPM, Tt7 and fuel flow.

2. Set throttle to IDLE (fully aft) and click the ENGINE SHUTDOWN button to set throttle to OFF position. Ensure that ignition switch is set to either G or D.

3. Set the aircraft in a 20-degree dive to gain airspeed (until around 300 KIAS).

4. Once RPM (N) increases to 13 % due to windmilling (air flow drives compressor blades), set the ENGINE RELIGHT switch to ON (FWD).

5. Slowly push throttle forward until RPM reaches 50 % N1 or more.

6. When engine is relit, ENGINE RELIGHT switch will reset to OFF (AFT) by itself.

7. Once RPM (N) has increased to approx. 54 %, move throttle forward and pull up to recover from the dive.

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