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MK-82 Snake Eye Bombs CCIP

1. On PPA, set fuze selector to either RET (retardé/delayed fuze) or INST (instantaneous fuze)

2. On PPA, set number of bombs to be released (04 = 4 bombs)

3. On PPA, set distance between bomb release (02 = 20 m)

4. Adjust seat to see lower part of HUD better.

5. Set Master Arm switch to ARME (UP)

6. Select BF1 (Bombe Freinée – High-drag MK-82SE) on PCA

7. Set Radar Altimeter Power switch to MARCHE

8. Ensure you are at least 3000 ft above ground level (AGL) and enter a 20-25 deg dive towards target at a speed of 400 kts minimum.

9. CCIP pipper will appear from the lower part of the HUD. Align CCIP pipper on target by manoeuvering the aircraft.

10. When CCIP pipper is aligned, press and hold WEAPON RELEASE button (SPACE by default).

11. Pull up to avoid smacking yourself into the ground and watch the fireworks.

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