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GBU-12 Bombs

Requires another craft or person to lase for you.

1. On PPA, set fuze selector to either RET (retardé/delayed fuze) or INST (instantaneous fuze)

2. On PPA, set number of bombs to be released (00 = single)

3. On PPA, set distance between bomb release if using salvo (ex: 02 = 20 m)

4. Adjust seat to see lower part of HUD better.

5. Set Master Arm switch to ARME (UP)

6. Select EF1 (GBU-12) on PCA

7. Select TASmode on PCA

8. Turn radar power ON (EMISSION)

9. Put diamond close to the target and press the “MAGIC SLAVE/AG DESIGNATE” button on your HOTAS. Target will be marked with a cross as you designate it in order to bomb somewhat close to the actual target. The bomb itself will then track the laser spot lased the JTAC independently to your aircraft..

10. Fly level towards target (make sure you have at least 2000 ft of clearance). Horizontal CCRP line will show up when you are 15 seconds from target.

11. When CCRP line is lined up with the diamond reticle, press and hold WEAPON RELEASE button (SPACE by default).

12. Observe damage and unlock target (BACKSPACE by default).

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