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A2A Super S530D Missile

1. On PPA, press the S530 warm-up button. “P” (Prêt/Ready) will blink during warm-up process (30 s) and remain illuminated when warm-up is complete.

2. On PPA, select which missile to fire (G = Left, I = AUTO, R = Right)

3. On PPA, set S530 launch mode (TOT = 2 missiles per trigger press, PAR = 1 missile per trigger press)

4. On the PCA, turn Master Arm switch to ARME (UP)

5. Select 530 missile. A “S” caution shows that the missile is selected.

6. Turn on Radar Power by setting switch to EMISSION.
• Consult previous chapter for radar operation parameters

7. Detect target using vertical antenna and radar range controls. Radar will be in RWS (Range While Scan) mode.

8. Put TDC on designated target (I, J, K, L) and lock it by pressing ENTER. Target will have a square on it on the HUD and radar will enter TWS (Track While Scan) mode.

9. Manoeuver the aircraft to put the circle shown on the HUD on the square.

10. Lock your missile seeker head to the radar lock by pressing ENTER once circle and square are aligned. Radar will enter STT (Single Track Scan) mode.

11. Fire missile (Press and hold Weapon Fire key, SPACE by default) when missile is within KILL (no escape) range.

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