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A2A Magic II Missile Short Range Radar

1. On PPA, press the MAG warm-up button. “P” (Prêt/Ready) will blink during warm-up process (30 s) and remain illuminated when warm-up is complete.

2. On PPA, select which missile to fire (G = Left, I = AUTO, R = Right)

3. On the PCA, turn Master Arm switch to ARME (UP)

4. Select MAGIC II missile. A “S” caution shows that the missile is selected.

5. Turn on Radar Power by setting switch to EMISSION.
• Consult previous chapter for radar operation parameters

6. Low buzzing sound will be heard when missile is seeking IR signatures.

7. Select radar “Special Mode” by pressing “Special Modes FWD or AFT” switch on your HOTAS.
You can choose between three modes: Horizontal, Vertical or Boresight. Target will have a circle on it on the HUD. Louder buzzing sound will be heard when missile is tracking IR signature.

8. Lock your missile IR seeker head by pressing ENTER once target circle is within radar tracking circle/line. A square will appear on locked target.

9. Fire missile (Press and hold Weapon Fire key, SPACE by default) when missile is within KILL (no escape) range
• When in KILL zone, you will see a double circle + TIR (fire) message on the HUD

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