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Engine Operation

• Do not let CHT drop below than 120*С during flights. It leads to increase of engine acceleration time and engine work instability.

• Do not exceed 235*С CHT during TO power more than 5 min. Do not exceed 235*С CHT during other power settings more than 15 min.

• Do not exceed 85*С oil temperature more than 3 min (normal range is 60-75*С).

• Do not allow propeller overspeeding 2350 rpm more than 30 sec, 2300 rpm more than 4 min.

• Do not exceed 5 minutes using WEP settings of manifold pressure.

• WEP: manifold pressure is higher than 910 mmHg and rpm is 2300.

• During flight higher than 3000 m. use the second speed of engine supercharger.

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