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Aircraft Carrier Taxi

After completing start up on the carrier, you next task will be to taxi to the catapult for takeoff. The primary difference between an airfield start up and an aircraft carrier startup will be placing the INS switch in the NORM CVN position for alignment. Set the left DDI to the checklist page and the right DDI to the FCS page.

Your complete checklist prior to taxi includes:

1. Arm the ejection seat

2. Check that nosewheel steering is on

3. No warning lights

4. Hook is up

5. Flaps are set to HALF Instant

6. Trim set to total aircraft weight

7. Wings match wing fold handle

8. Oxygen on/

9. Brake off

10. Launch bar up

11. Anti-skid off

12. Master Arm off

13. From the MPCD, select WTPT and cycle the waypoint to 1.

14. Countermeasures off

15. Radar altimeter to 40 feet

16. Canopy closed

17. Master external light switch aft

Taxi to the directed catapult using small power inputs while using nosewheel steering in high gain [S]. Once behind the Jet Blast Defector (JBD) of the catapult you will launch from, spread the wings using the wing fold handle on the right vertical panel. To do so, right mouse button click on the handle until at the SPREAD setting. Then, with the mouse cursor over the handle, rotate forward on the mouse wheel.

Slowly advance the throttles [PAGE UP] and use the rudder pedals to steer left [Z] and right [X]. Reduce throttle by pressing [PAGE DOWN]. Holding down the Noses Wheel Steering (NWS) button, you can enable NWS HI mode [S] enabled tighter taxi turns. Press [W] to apply wheel brakes.

Slowly move forward of the JBD and align your nosewheel along the catapult track. You can best align yourself by using either the [F2] external view or taxi to place the shuttle directly left or right of your shoulder when launching from catapult 1 or 2. Once the nosewheel is directly behind the catapult shuttle, lower the launch bar. Next, press [U] and this will auto-connect the launch bar to the catapult shuttle.

Once hooked up, takeoff stab position with the trim hat based on total aircraft weight. This weight can be seen on the CHECKLIST page. Using the TRIM HAT, set your stabs to takeoff trim based on
• Below 44,000 gross weight = stab trim 16 degrees (MIL or burners)
• 45,000 to 48,000 gross weight = stab trim 17 degrees (MIL or burners)
• 49,000 and above = stab trim 19 degrees (Burners required)

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