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Aircraft Carrier Launch

1. Set throttles to military power and wipe the controls by moving control stick in a full circle and then push full forward and back. Then, push both full left and right rudder.

2. Increase throttle to 100% afterburner and move hand off stick.

3. The catapult will then launch you and place you at flyaway trim.

4. After positive climb rate has been established, raise the landing gear [G] and set flaps to AUTO [F].

5. If launching from catapult 1 or 2 (bow catapults), perform a clearing turn to the right and then proceed parallel along the carrier BRC for 7 miles at no more than 500 feet / 350 knots. If launching from catapult 3 or 4 (waist catapults), perform the clearing turn to the left.

6. Set right DDI to the A/A attack radar display.

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