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1. Line up on the runway using your nosewheel steering during turns (by holding “S” by default) and your rudder pedals. Toe brakes can be used as well. • Note: The nose wheel steering system will not engage if the nose wheel is more than 21° to either side of center. Should the nose wheel be turned more than this, it must be brought into the steering range by use of the wheel brakes. When the nose wheel steering activation button on the control stick is released, the nosewheel steering system starts to work as a shimmy damper and the nose wheel goes to the self-casteringmode.

2. Check for your flaps (DOWN/DEPLOYED) and your airbrakes (RETRACTED). Ask your wingmen if you have bad visibility.

3. Set your brakes ON

4. Slowly increase throttle to Max Power. Keep in mind that the throttle is slow to respond to input.

5. Release brakes at full power

6. Use rudder to make small adjustments, but do not use the nosewheel steering

7. At 120 kts, rotate and retract your flaps and landing gear

8. Once airborne, set your flaps lever to “NEUTRAL”

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