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Note: You do not need to try to use the parking brake since it is hydraulically-driven. The “Normal System” hydraulic pumps themselves are engine-drivenand requireengine power to function.

1. Select ground crew by pressing “\” and F8.

2. Select “GROUND ELECTRIC POWER” by pressing F2

3. Select “ON” by pressing F1 to turn on ground power

4. Ensure Flight Control Switch is set to “ALTERNATE ON”, then confirm that the ALTERNATE ON light is illuminated. Set Hydraulic System Indication Selector to ALTERNATE (Down) position and confirm that there is a positive hydraulic pressure.

5. Ensure throttle is set to OFF by pressing “END” key (by default)

6. Set Engine Master Switch to ON (UP)

7. Set Battery Switch to STARTER (Left Click, Down Position) for 2 to 3 seconds, then set it to BATTERY (Right Click, Up Position)

8. Wait for engine RPM to reach 3 %

9. If engine does not reach 3 % within 1 minute, press the STOPSTARTER Switch, set Engine Master Switch to OFF and Battery Switch to OFF. Then, repeat steps 5 to 8.

10. Once engine RPM reaches 3 %, set throttle to OUTBOARD by pressing “RALT+HOME” key binding(by default)

11. Once engine RPM reaches 6 %, set throttle to IDLE by pressing the “RALT+HOME” key binding (by default)a second time.

12. The Main (Normal) Hydraulic System pumps are engine-driven and will only kick in around 25 % RPM.

13. Once you have sufficient engine RPM (25+ %), set the Flight Control Switch to RESET for 2-3 seconds, then set it to “NORMAL”. Once the Main (Normal) Hydraulic system pumps is selected, the “ALTERNATE ON” warning light should extinguish.

14. Set Hydraulic System Indication Selector to NORMAL (Middle) and confirm positive hydraulic pressure.

15. Retract airbrakes

16. Set Parking Brake by:
a) Pulling and holding the parking brake lever
b) Pressing the wheel brake pedals while holding the parking brake lever
c) Releasing the wheel brakes.
d) You can then let go of the parking brake lever; it will remain in the ENGAGED position (pulled).

17. Set your flaps Fully Down, and then set them to the Neutral position.

18. Set takeoff trim by setting your trim manually until you see the “TAKEOFF POS.IND. LATERAL–DIRECT LONGIT.” light blink briefly. This light means that you are trimmed for takeoff.

19. Set your Oxygen Flow Valve selector to ON

20. Disconnect Ground Power by following the steps shown in step s 1 to 3

21. Close your canopy

22. Once ready to taxi, release parking brake by tapping your wheel brakes

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