This Checklist is provided courtesy of Chuck, please reference the full guide at Chuck's Guides


1) Set weapon selector to “MISSILE”. Do it 10 minutes in advance to let the A-4 gunsight system warm up.

2) Uncage Mechanical Sight before engaging the air target

3) Select Missile Launch Mode (Typically I use RH, but it is really up to your personal preference). You will start hearing the missile seeker’s low-pitch growl.

4) Current max radar range is 1600 ft. Radar light will become red once a target is spotted and it might suffer interference under an altitude of 6000 ft because of ground clutter. Continuous light means continuous radar tracking, while flickering light means that radar is spotting something but not actively tracking it.

5) Hold the Electrical Caging switch for a few seconds (gunsight will stop moving) and release it (gunsight will begin tracking). Target range on the range dial should stop wobbling and the gunsight will start tracking the target’s range.

6) Fire on the target (GUN FIRE trigger) when you have a solid lock (high-pitch seeker growl is audible once it tracks a heat signature). You should fire your missile at less than 2000 ft.

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