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Dive Bombing (Manual Pip Bombing Mode)

1) Set Weapon Mode to “SIGHT CAMERA & RADAR”

2) Set Fuze Mode to “ARM NOSE & TAIL”

3) Set Gunsight Mode to “BOMB”

4) Set Release Mode to “MANUAL”

5) Select Bomb Loadout to Drop (ALL/LEFT/RIGHT)

6) Uncage Mechanical Sight (Reticle will be moving)

7) Set Manual Pip Switch Control to “BOMB”

8) Decide your starting altitude and speed. In our case, we will pick a 288 kts entry speed at 15000 ft over the target, as suggested by the Manual Pip Chart.

9) Click on the center knob of the manual pip control and set the dive angle you intend to take. I usually tkaoe a dive angle of 50 deg. Check the associated number on the external circle, and we can deduce that for a 50-deg dive angle, starting our dive from 15000 ft at 288 kts, our bomb should be release at 4000 ft (release parameter).

10) Since our eyes are glued on the pipper and not on the altimeter during the dive, someone had the brilliant idea to include a bombing altimeter. Set the bombing altimeter as shown in the picture titled “CORRECT POSITION” and track the altitude needle.

11) Cut throttle, deploy airbrakes and dive for your target at a dive andle of 50 deg. Check your dive angle indicator for reference. Place the pipper on the target.

12) While aiming with the pipper, wait for the altimeter needle to meet the bomb release needle as shown in step 10. When both needles meet, drop your ordnance by pressing the “WEAPON RELEASE” button and enjoy the fireworks.

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