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Dive Bombing (Automatic Mode)

1) Set Weapon Mode to “SIGHT CAMERA & RADAR”

2) Set Fuze Mode to “ARM NOSE & TAIL”

3) Set Gunsight Mode to “BOMB”

4) Set Release Mode to “AUTO”

5) Select Bomb Loadout to Drop (ALL/LEFT/RIGHT)

6) Uncage Mechanical Sight (Reticle will be moving)

7) Deploy Airbrakes

8) Enter a 45-deg dive and aim the pipper on the target

9) Hold Electrical Caging switch for about 3 seconds

10) While holding the Electrical Caging switch, hold your Weapon Release button. Keep the pipper on the target.

11) Release the Electrical Caging Switch, but keep holding the Weapon Release button. You should hear a “shlonk” once your bombs are dropped automatically.

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