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Air to Ground Bombs

1. Determine target altitude using the F10 map (in our case 0 ft). Add target elevation to your dive bombing table altitude parameters in the table below.

2. Set gunsight depression to approx. 80 mil using the DEPR knob

3. Set gunsight mode to MANUAL

4. Power on armament pylons with the bombs you want to drop.

5. Arm bomb fuses (NOSE & TAIL recommended)

6. Select external store release (BOMB for single bomb release or RIPL for ripple bomb release)

7. If RIPL selected, set desired bomb release interval

8. For a 30 deg bomb run dive, initiate dive from 6000 ft at 350 kts.

9. Use your altimeter, speed indicator and attitude indicator to fly with correct bombing parameters. For a 30 deg dive, maintain airspeed between 440 and 450 kts.

10. Release bombs at 2000 ft above ground level by holding the WEAPON RELEASE BUTTON (Ralt+Space).

Rocket Table
Parameter Dive Angles (degrees)
20 30
Dive initiation altitude (ft AGL) 5000 6000
Dive initiation speed (kts) 350 350
Release altitude (ft AGL) 1500 2000
Release speed (kts) 380 to 400 440 to 450
Reticle Depression (mils) 80 79

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