RIO Engine PreStart

Verify that external power and air is connected.

Starting WCS and or displays without external air can cause damage to those systems as external air is used for cooling when no on-board air is available.

ICS - Check.

Verify two-way communication between crewmembers and adjust volume.

DL, TACAN and U/VHF - Set.

Set in accordance with mission parameters.

Fuel quantity - Check.


Lights - Check.

Adjust console and instrument lighting if required.

LTS test - Check.

Check that all caution and advisory lights, ECM lights and DDI lights illuminate.
This is done when pilot selects LTS test on MASTER TEST switch.
NOTE When pilot selects INST test, RIO fuel counter should decrease to 2000 pounds and MASTER CAUTION, FUEL LOW and OXY LOW lights should illuminate.

Ejection seats - Armed.

Visually check that pilot locking tab is depressed.

CANOPY handle - Close.

Verify that pilot is ready to close canopy.

Acknowledge - Ready to start.

Inform pilot, ready to start.

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