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Air Refueling Approach

Refueling altitudes and airspeeds are dictat3ed by receiver and/or tanker characteristics and operational needs. This covers a practical spectrum, from the deck to 35,000 feet and 190 to 300 knots.

1. Complete the before plug-in checklist.

2. Assume a position 10 to 15 feet in trail of the drogue.

3. Keep the refueling probe in both the horizontal and vertical reference planes.

4. Trim the aircraft to keep this stabilized approach.

5. Select the drogue as the primary reference point on the tanker.

6. Set the power to establish an optimum 3 to 5 knots closure rate on the drogue.

7. Small corrections in the approach phase are acceptable
a. Small lateral corrections are made with the rudder.
b. Small vertical corrections are made with the stabilator.
c. Avoid corrections in the longitudinal axis. They cause probe displacement in both the lateral and vertical reference planes.

8. If alignment is off in the final phase abort and do over.

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