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TILS landing

Instrument approach and TILS landing

1. Set landing base as destination. Press L MÅL.

2. Set QFE pressure on altimeter

3. Select runway heading (cycle runway heading, BANA/ UT (OUT) and press LS)

4. Set master mode LANDN NAV about 30 km away from the destination

5. Set Autothrottle ON if desired. Autopilot mode SPAK ON.

6. Follow steering commands on the HUD or ADI

7. If using TILS to land, check that TILS is locked (TILS light lit) and used after the LB turn is complete. If using a short approach set master mode to LANDN P/O and then return the master mode selector to LANDN NAV in order to select the touchdown point LF as destination.

8. Check backup artificial horizon. Fast erect if necessary.

9. Lower the landing gear about 15 km out from the runway

10. Set HUD reflector glass to landing mode about 14 km out.

11. Check that the TILS is locked (TILS light solid)

12. Follow steering commands on HUD or ADI. Maintain altitude and airspeed. The glideslope should be intercepted about 10 km from the runway.

13. On the descent command, follow the glide path steering commands in the HUD and ADI. 14. If desired, set AFK mode 3 (α 15.5) 15. On touchdown, follow normal landing procedures.

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