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Taxi to runway

Full deflection of rudder gives a nose wheel rotation of about 30°. Turning radius can be reduced by using differential braking.

On increasing throttle above ground idle, check that ejector nozzle is closed.

Fuel consumption on the ground is about 0.3% per minute.

The engine gives a relatively high amount of thrust on idle, which is why taxing on slippery and even on dry surfaces should be done carefully.

Thrust reversal may be used to reduce speed during taxing.

In confined areas, thrust reversal may be used to reverse the aircraft.

Check that the area is clear behind the aircraft before reversing.

Do not reverse if the surface consists of a large amount of particles, such as sand or stone. Use as little thrust as possible.

CAUTION- when reversing, do not apply the brakes until the aircraft has come to a complete stop, as this may cause the aircraft to pivot backwards and lead to a tailstrike.

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