Take Off By using the Flight Attitude Indicator

1. Apply brakes


2. Advance throttle to maximum power without afterburner.

Check EGT (max 590°C + outside ambient temperature)

3. Release brakes, steer with pedals


4. If needed, ignite afterburner.

a. Zone indicator = desired afterburner zone.
b. Exhaust nozzle indicator = desired zone achieved.
c. Pressure ratio (EPR)-
-Zone 2
---» < +15°C > 1.9
---» > +15°C > 1.8
-Zone 3 = Maximum power

5. Rotate

• At 280 km/h to a 10° climb attitude when using maximum power without afterburner
• At 250 km/h to a 13° climb attitude when using afterburner

6. Retract the landing gear when airborne.


7. Elevate HUD reflector glass to inflight mode to display HUD symbology when at lower angles of attack.


Note- There is a risk of a slight decrease in lift as the flaps retract when retracting the landing gear.


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